inside our church to the left Needed Volunteers:
Communion (Setup and Cleanup afterward) (Once a month)
Visitation and Rides
Greeters (On rotation basis)
Social Media, FaceBook

The spirit of hospitality does not come from concern for a congregation’s image nor does it guarantee the congregation will be popular or successful in the conventional sense. Hospitality grows from earnest witness and invitation to those outside the church’s walls. It means demonstrating Christ-like love to the community around the church.

Each of us have been served by faithful volunteers at Calvary Chapel Hilo; video and radio editing, greeters, Sunday School teachers, cleaners and parking lot security.

We rely on a community of volunteers who love Jesus and love to serve His church. If you consider Calvary Chapel Hilo your home, we encourage you to volunteer!

By doing so, you’re an essential part of helping others meet Jesus.